The Usborne Reading Collection

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The Usborne Reading Collection contine 40 de carti cu povesti frumos ilustrate:

1. The Snow Queen-64 pages (series 2)
2. Around the world in eighty days -64 pages(series 2)
3. Macbeth-64 pages(series 2)
4. Hamlet-64 pages(series 2)
5. Romeo and Juliet- 64 pages(series 2)
6. The Story of Heidi-64 pages(series 2)
7.The Railway Children-64 pages(series 2)
8. The Clumsy Crocodile-64 pages(series 2)
9. Black Beauty-64 pages(series 2)
10. Alice in the Wonderland-64 pages(series 2)
11. The Wind in the Willows-64 pages(series 2)
12. The Beauty and The Beast-64 pages(series 2)
13. Pinocchio-64 pages(series 2)
14. The Wizard of Oz-64 pages(series 2)
15.The Secret Garden-64 pages(series 2)
16.The twelve dancing Princess-48 pages(series 1)
17.Pirate Adventure–48 pages(series 1)
18. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice-48 pages(series 1)
19.The Story pf Chocolate-48 pages(series 1)
20. The Billy Goat Gruff-48 pages(series 1)
21. Stories of Magical Animals-48 pages(series 1)
22. The Emperor’s New Clothes-48 pages(series 1)
23. Stories of Ghosts-48 pages(series 1)
24. Stories of Dragons-48 pages(series 1)
25. Stories of Princess and Princesses-48 pages(series 1)
26. Stories of Pirates-48 pages(series 1)
27. Stories of Monsters-48 pages(series 1)
28. Stories of Robots-48 pages(series 1)
29. The Minotaur-48 pages(series 1)
30. Stories of Witches-48 pages(series 1)
31. The Burglar’s Breakfast-48 pages(series 1)
32.Animal Legends–48 pages(series 1)
33. Stories of Mermaids-48 pages(series 1)
34. The story of Toilets, Telephones & Other useful inventions-48 pages(series 1)
35. The Magic Gifts-48 pages(series 1)
36. Stories of Wizards-48 pages(series 1)
37. The Monster Gang-48 pages(series 1)
38. The Dinosaurs next door-48 pages(series 1)
39. Stories of Haunted House-48 pages(series 1)
40. Stories of Dinosaurs-48 pages(series 1)

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The Usborne Reading Collection

  • Publisher : Usborne Publishing Ltd (January 1, 2016)
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 1474915086
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1474915083

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